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The fully self-sufficient caravanboat “Departure One” combines a caravan and motorised houseboat in one vehicle, offering multiple opportunities for use both ashore and on the water. It’s the perfect solution for people who treasure their freedom and independence and strive to

Anvera is the result of a ten-year experience accrued in competitions, most notably class 1 Offshore, but also in industrial sectors with a high technology content. Learn more [gallery link="file" columns="1" size="full" ids="15958,15957,15956,15955,15954,15953,15952,15951,15950,15949,15948"]

Mazu Yachts 52 is a superyacht chase boat with a huge deck spaces to welcome crowded guests on board. The 16-metre vessel is also can equally operate independently as a personal yacht like all the other Mazu Yachts models. Technical Specifications Material: Epoxy